Winning Over Temptation!


Do you ever have a problem with temptation? You know the same temptation; and the same giving in; and the same sin; and the same guilt over and over and over!  You finally get to the place where you start to think:  “If I can’t beat it, then I am just going to give up and give in.”  Which is exactly what you do, but you still never feel quiet right.  Some where in your heart you know that there is something that is just not right, but you convince yourself that you can live with it.

Why Do We Give In? Today I want to share with you what I believe is the main reason that we give into temptation.  And hopefully provide away of escape!  Now hang with me – okay?

Think about this: When temptation comes a knocking what are you doing?  I have discovered that temptation often comes for me when I am idle.  As long as I am busy doing what God has called and created me for, then temptation is usually not a big deal for me.  But the very moment that I slow down, then I had better watch out, because temptation is going to come a knocking and if I’ve got nothing else to do, then I will probably open the door.

What is the secret to winning over temptation? Staying busy in our thinking, working and serving to fulfill the calling of the Lord.  Have you ever noticed how the people in church that are always stirring up trouble seem are the very people who don’t do anything?  I mean they show up, but that is about it.  If we were all busy doing what God has called us to do, then we would not have time to get distracted by the often petty little things that we blow up into something bigger than it should be.

The Bottom Line: If you are a Christian, then stay busy doing what a Christian is supposed to do – Make disciples And Give God Glory!  If we stay busy with the tasks that God has given us, then we won’t have the time to get in on the stuff that the devil sends to mess us up!  What is it that God has for you to do?  Get busy and enjoy the victory!