Road Signs!

I love to get out and ride my motorcycle! One of the things that I have learned that is very important to having a good ride is this:  You have to learn to look for and pay attention to signs!  Road signs help us to answer some very important questions!

The first question that signs help us to answer is “Where Am I?” It is really easy to get lost, especially when you have direction coming from so many different directions!  If you want to get to “there”, then you have got to figure out where “here” is.

The second question that signs help us to answer is “How Do I Get There?” Signs mark the way by helping us to know where we are so that we can get to where we are going.  You can’t get there from here, until you figure out where here is and then when you find out where here is, you have to follow the signs that help to lead you to there.

The third question that signs help us to answer is “What Do I Do Now?” Signs help you to get prepared for whatever is coming next.  But a sign will do you no good, unless you pay attention to it!

God gives us signs that direct us to live free in the Spirit with Him!  Where are you?  Be honest about it – where are you?  Are you where you need to be?  How do you get to where God wants you to go?  God’s Word will guide you, if you will pay attention to it!  What do you need to do now?  What is the step or steps that you need to take?

Pay attention to the signs that God is sending your way – you will be glad that you did!