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Create A New You!

Let’s get started working on a new you for the new year!  Think for just a moment about the fact that you are not an accident!  God created you on purpose and for a purpose!  When you begin to really understand and believe this – it changes everything!  In Genesis we read that God “CREATED!”  We also know that God created us in His own image!  Are you ready for this?

YOU WERE CREATED BY THE CREATOR TO CREATE!  If God – the Creator – created you in His image – then He created you to create!  So, let me ask you a question:  What are you going to create today?  Today is the creation of God that offers you a blank canvas to create something amazing.  Today is the gift that God has given to you – what you do with today is your gift to God!  When you get busy doing the thing that you were created to do, you will find fulfillment in your purpose!

Let’s make it simple:  What are you going to create in your spiritual, physical and mental life?  For the spiritual – you need to create some time to spend with God.  I know you are thinking:  “I don’t have anymore time!”  This is why you have to “create” or make time!  What can you give up, let go or push aside, so that you can have some time to talk and listen to God?  Now give it up, let it go and push it aside and BOOM! – you just created time that you can now spend with God!

Now as you spend this time with God, He is going to speak to you about other areas of your life that you need to be “CREATIVE” about!  What do you need to create in your physical life?  Come on – be honest – you can do this!  What do you need to create in you mental/emotional life?  Come on – this is what you were created for!  You can do it and once you take that first step it is amazing where God can and will take you!  I hope you have some fun and fulfillment doing the thing that God created you to do!  Get busy CREATING and if you feel inclined please leave a comment that might encourage and bless others in their CREATION!