One of my mentors was talking to me about decision making and he challenged me to think through my values before making any decision. He then challenged me to think through and figure out what my values are, so that I can think through them when I have a decision to make.

Most all of us have values, but if we are put on the spot, we might find it a bit difficult to name them, so it is a good practice to think through what is it that we really value in this life? Once we know our values, it is then a good idea to prioritize them and think through them every now and then to make sure that our life and living is lining up with what we say really matters to us.

I thought I would share my top ten values with you, in the hopes that it might encourage and motivate you to think through your own…

1. LOVE – For me this is where it all begins and ends. God loves me and when I love God back by loving others, it creates a powerful flow of energy in my life and living that makes this life worth living. Without love, life would be meaningless, but with love, it is full of potential and possibility.

2. FAITH – This is about trust and belief and without someone or something to trust and believe in, then we are like a ship with a rudder. Faith is the mechanism that allows our life to go somewhere meaningful. Faith gives us purpose, direction and motivation.

3. BLESSING – Our Creator blesses us, so that we can bless others. This allows divinity to flow to us and through us. This divine energy is what life and eternity are all about. Learning to receive is important and learning to give is important to. Blessing is all about learning to receive and share, which makes us more like the One Who created us.

4. FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Family and friends can be the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge. Sometimes you feel like you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. The truth is: We need our family and friends and trying to do life without them is not really doing life at all.

5. JOY – We were created to be blessed, happy and fulfilled. We are supposed to have an inward excitement that expresses itself in outward joy. When we learn to embrace and appreciate the things of our Creator, then joy becomes the natural by product, so that we find joy in the blessings and challenges of life.

6. PEACE – This inward contentment, regardless of outward circumstances is one of the great gifts of our Creator. When we begin to align our values with His values, peace is the natural by product that helps us to realize what a special gift this thing we call life really is.

7. MINISTRY – Each of us have been given special gifts and abilities that can be a tremendous blessing to others and when we use these gifts and abilities to serve others, it gives glory to our Creator and brings fulfillment to our created purpose.

8. LEARNING – No matter how old we get, there is always something else to learn and the older I get, the more I realize just how precious a gift we have been given in the ability to learn. A willingness to learn new things helps to keep us young in heart, mind and soul.

9. HEALTH – Life is tough and it is even tougher if we don’t feel good. This is why health and taking care of our physical bodies is so important. Daily exercise, eating right and proper rest have to be on our list of priorities or we are going to miss out on what really matters, because we just don’t feel like it.

10. WISDOM – When I was a little boy, I remember going to Sunday School and hearing about God telling Solomon that he could ask for anything he wanted and Solomon asked for wisdom and God was pleased. Wisdom is not just knowledge. Wisdom is the proper application and use of knowledge. Our would could use a lot more of that and that starts with me.

I challenge you to think about your values, make your own list and then use that list to help you make better decisions in your life and living…