Love Is The Goal!

Love is a small little word with a big meaning. It’s one of those little words that gets thrown around and used in a lot of different ways. Someone may say that they love this or that person and then turn around and say they love pepperoni pizza. And while I hear what they are saying and can toally relate, the love for a person and the love for a food item are surely on totally different levels???

The Greeks solved this problem by having different words for different kinds of love. Agape was a Godly love, the kind that a Creator would have for His creation. Phila is a brotherly love and where Philadelphia the city of brotherly love gets its name from. This is a love shared between friends. Storge is a familial love or an affection that is shared among family. Eros is a sensual love, where we get our word erotic from and is represnetative of affecction shared for a lover.

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” -1 John 4:16

We were created in Agape Love, for Agape love, so that we might learn to love with that same kind of love. Agape is the highest and most pure form of love. This love is the life we were created for. When I live without this kind of love, I am lost. When I think without this kind of love, I am confused. When I love without this kind of love, I am wasting time. As God has loved me, I want to love others, so I will open my heart, mind and spirit to God’s love, so that it might flow to me and through me to others.