Choose The Voices You Listen To…

Do you hear voices? Of course you do, we all do. Some people learn to ignore the voices and some people can’t get the voices to shut up. You know what I’m talking about right? Those voices in your heard that tell you that you should or maybe you shouldn’t. Those voices that tell you that you are not good enough or maybe that you are too good. Those voices that remind you of your past mistakes, sins and failures.

I’ve come to relize that we have positive and negative voices inside of us, but most of us tend to turn up the volume on and listen to the negative over the positive. I’m not really sure why? Maybe it’s because we really are our own worst enemy, but we can turn that around and become our biggest cheerleader with a little bit of work and before long we can learn to listen to the positive voices over the negative and experience the life of blessing we were created for.

I have made more than my fair share of mistakes, committed more sins that I care to talk about and failed more times than I can count, but in almost all of those situations I have learned something about myself, so I do not see any of it as a waste. Instead, I choose to look at all of it as an education and with all my mistakes, sins and failures, I should be pretty close to a Doctor’s Degree!

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” – 1 John 1:8

This learning from our mistakes, sins and failures is the first step in turining the volume down on the negative and up on the positive. I want to challenge you to think for a moment about where you have messed up, missed the mark and not measured up. Now – don’t get down on youself, instead ask yourself: “What can I learn from this mess?” Learn it and it will grow you. This is how we take lemons and make lemonade, because when we learn from our mistakes, sins and failures, it’s just like adding sugar. (SWEET!)

Learn the lesson life is trying to reach you as you grow to become all you were created for, because it’s what you were created for. This life is all about living and learning, so live, learn and grow on!