What is your purpose? I mean, if you stop and think about it, you must realize that we are not placed here by accident, but on purpose and for a purpose. Each of us are a part of a grand plan to share and spread the life changing love of our super natural Creator. God invites us to join into partnership with Him in this eternal work, giving us purpose which is our purpose.

God didn’t need us, but chose to create and design us in such a way that we would need God and God would need us. His love for us, enables us to be His hands and feet in the human experience. This means that through us the love of God can travel from one place to another and can touch and feel and be felt through the service and sacrifice of our reaching out to make life better for those around us.

Love is good, but it’s not enough. Real love is followed up with action which speaks louder than words. Real love is characterized by a willing heart, open mind and submitted body. Real love manifests itself by bringing light, which illuminates and chases away the darkness. God does for us, so that He may do through us, which is all part of the purpose which is the purpose.

Be grateful for your purpose, allow God’s Spirit of love to flow to and through your life freely, so that your ordinary life might be used in extraordinary ways to reflect God’s love, bring healing to the hopeless and experience the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing your created purpose. It really is simple, just do what you were created to do and enjoy it…