Why Journal? (My Top Three Reasons)

When I read the histories of people who have really made a difference in the world, one of the consistent disciplines most of them practice is the discipline of taking the time to journal everyday.

As a teenager I began to learn a little about journaling and started the practice of daily taking time to begin my day recording some thoughts about the things I was learning in my Spirit during time spent in the Word. Through the years, this has developed into a big part of who I am and what I do everyday through a process of inspection, reflection, learning, growing and personal development.

One of the most meaningful things I take time to do everyday is JOURNAL. I have a notebook with real paper and a good pen, I enjoy writing with. I begin my day in my journal by writing down a verse of scripture promise to focus on for the day. I then list out at least three things I am grateful for. Next up is my task list for the day and the rest is for anything I feel is important to record.

Here are a few reasons why I journal:

1. It Helps Me Begin My Day On The Right Track! So many times we rush into our day and before we know it, our day is over and we think: “What in the world have I accomplished?” and we end up beating up on ourselves, because we feel like we’ve accomplised nothing, even though we’ve been busy and running all day long.

2. It Helps Me Align With What Really Matters! Taking the time to actually slow down and write words on a page helps me to think through what really matters and allows me to prioritize by clearing my mind, so I am free to tap into the creativity I was created for.

3. It Helps Me Tap Into My Source! I cannot do life alone and I wasn’t meant to. God created me on purpose and for a purpose. The greatest thing I can do with this human experience is receive His gift of love and share it with others. When I get this right, everything else falls into place.

I encourage you to get a notebook, pen and take some time to practice this discipline in your life – it will make a difference and you will be glad you took the time…