Overalls, T-Shirts and Rolled Up Sleeves…

My Adaptation Of Grandpa’s Uniform…

Today started off as another ordinary Saturday. I got up, had my quiet time, brushed my teeth, and got ready to get dressed to head out into the world to see what I could get into. I decided this morning that I would wear my overalls, since I was planning on going to a local farm day event. I put on my overalls and then looked for a t shirt, slipped it on, buckled up my straps and just before I headed out the door, I rolled up my short sleeve shirt – two rolls. I then headed out the door for a normal Saturday of visits, fellowship, a little work and whatever else I might find along the way…

I began with a visit to one of our town hangouts – McDonalds to see my senior friends and we enjoyed some good conversation, talked about local events, football, hunting, politics and a little business. I love these guys because they always teach me something new and keep me very entertained.

I then headed over to our neighbor town – West Pelzer for their Farm Fest. Tractors, farm animals, all kinds of vendors and free ice cream. What’s not to love about that? I walked around, snapped some pics, visited with a few folks and decided I probably needed to get a little work done on the farm myself.

West Pelzer Farm Fest

So I loaded up the chicken pen at one farm and moved it to the other. Got it cleaned up, set up and transferred the chicks. Did some more odds and ends, did a little studying, reading and note taking. And then took a little hammock break, because it is Saturday, right?

While I was laying there in the hammock thinking about my day, I was thinking back to my choice of outfits for the day. My overalls remind my of my Grandfather “Pa” Albert Harvell – one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world. He and I used to walk his property line every Sunday and as we did, he would tell me stories about growing up and growing old, teach me about farming, planting and growing and he would actually take the time to listen to whatever it was I had to say.

His daily uniform was a pair of “Pointer Overalls and a white t-shirt”. What I had never thought about or remembered until today was the way he wore that t-shirt. A lot of times when I put on a shirt, I will roll the sleeves up. I just assumed it was because I didn’t like the sleeve touching my arm or because I just think it looks better. I never really thought about where I even got the idea from until today. And laying there thinking and seeing my Pa in my minds eye, it hit me – I got that from my “Pa”.

He left this earthly expereince for his Heavenly home many years ago, but he still impacts my thoughts and actions everyday. Some times in complicated ways by helping me to explain things to my daughters about life and living. Sometimes in fun ways like enjoying outdoors, gardening, animals and watching things grow. And some times in very simple ways, like rolling up my sleeves, just because I can.

It felt so good to have that moment of realization, to see my Pa again and just enjoy sweet memories. And you know what? I think I might roll my sleeves up a little more often now!