You Have The Power!

You have the power to live a different and better life! Most of us, do not believe this or we are not willing to make the effort and so, most of us continue to live life at a much lower level than we were created for.

The same old thoughts produce the same old actions and reactions, which cause you to feel the same old emotions, which create an endless circle of misery, frustration and disappointment. Life does not have to be this way! You can make a choice to live in a totally different way, if you choose to.

If we don’t intentionally change our thinking, then our thoughts will cause us to continue to live in the past and we will grow soul tired, weary and stuck. To break free, we must change our thinking, learn from the past and grow in our present, as we look to the future.

Different thoughts produce different actions. Different actions motivate different feelings. While thoughts of the past can frustrate and bring you down. Thoughts of the future can motivate and lift you up. One of my favorite teachers – Wayne Dyer used to say: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change!”

Bottom Line: Perspective changes things! It’s not just what you think, but where you are thinking from that has an impact of your life, energy and way of living. You have the power – use it!