Resurrected Ride

I took the steps knowing that what I was about to witness was going to be heartbreaking, but I took them each step, on purpose, anyway.

From laughter and enjoyment to scorn and shame. My gentle heart, recently pieced back together, in an instant shattered again, the remnants of wanting to believe in the impossible.

In a single moment, every question that has ever mattered is asked and left once again unanswered. And I wake up to the realization that everything I thought I knew was life’s cruel attempt at trying to be funny.

I would quit, throw up my hands in frustration and give up, but I’m too stubborn. Jaded, I might be, but defeated, never! What some think is the end, is me just getting started.

What kills you doesn’t make you stronger, it gives you a chance to be resurrected into something bitter or better, the choice is entirely up to you.

As for me, better – is my choice, because I would never give my enemies the satisfaction of thinking they’ve accomplished the impossible.

So strap in, hang on tight and enjoy the ride, because this journey is just getting started and I promise you that we are going places that a limited mind can’t conceive.