You Are Better Than That!

ImageSociety and the enemy puts an idea in each of us that we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or strong enough to ever amount to anything that really matters, but don’t believe that lie!  God made each of us as individuals and so we are not supposed to all be alike, so stop trying to be like someone or something else.  The key to being loved and growing in love is learning to be who you were created to be, not who or what we think everyone else is telling us to be.  Stop trying to fit into some profile created by someone who knows nothing about you and start living up to your created potential.

This bad thinking leads to the creation of bad habits.  Everyday that we live, we are creating habits, some are good and some are bad.  The goal is to get rid of the bad ones and to grow the good ones.  It is way past time for us to get rid of the negative attitude of dread that keeps us from moving forward.  It is time to grow the positive attitude that understands that it takes all kinds and there is a purpose for me, my skills, talents, abilities and even differences.

You Creator does not allow the challenges of life to try and take you down and out.  He allows the challenges of life to challenge, grow and develop you, so that you can be the best you ever.  Realize today that you are special.  You are loved.  You have an amazing purpose.  And your future is set for incredible.  Now run into that realization and live blessed!