3 Steps To Controlling Jealousy!

ImageJealousy is a very ugly emotions that does harm on just about every level of our existence.  The problem with jealousy is that it consumes you from the inside – out!  Jealousy causes you to want something that you do not have and when you get focused on what you don’t have, you fail to appreciate what you do have.  It may be a relationship, a possession, a responsibility or any number of different things, but you can’t allow anything to cause you to travel down this destructive road.  It will take so much more than it will ever give.

You have to learn to control this emotion or it will control you.  None of us are perfect and we are all doing battle or need to be doing battle with something.  If you need to be doing battle wit jealousy, then I want to encourage you to:

1.  Realize that you are not perfect and that is okay!  People can expect you to be perfect, when they become perfect, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that you have some time and space.  

2.  Talk about it by sharing your challenge with someone who understands!  Not someone who is going to excuse the damage it is doing, but someone who has been there and worked their way through it.  I have found that my best counselors are the one’s who listen and help me to listen to myself, so that I can hear what I am really saying.

3.  Put positive stuff in!  Read positive books, articles and blogs.  Listen to positive and upbeat music and teaching.  Watch things that will inspire you to strive for the better blessed life that you were created for.  Turn off the TV and go outside and walk and take in Creation.

Today I challenge you to begin the journey of getting rid of jealousy!  Take and make some time to appreciate all that your Creator has blessed you with. Gratitude is one of the most powerful medicines you can take!  Be happy for others and their blessings without envy, resentment or bitterness.  There is enough blessing for everyone and hating on someone else’s blessing is not going to make it yours!  Stop worrying about what other people think or say, their opinion of you, is none of your business.  Fall in love with yourself and realize what a great blessing you have been created to be.  The greatest is not behind you, it is in front of you and waiting for you to come and get it.

You are blessed, you are loved and you are ready to live a more fulfilled life that makes a difference.  Stay after it, give it all you’ve got and live blessed!