Your Miracle!

I have been thinking a lot about miracles lately!  Miracles are an expression of love from our Creator to His creation.  We are surrounded by them everyday, but tend to miss most of them, because we are not tuned in.  The miracle is what gets the attention, but it is not really the big deal.  The big deal is the source of the miracle, which is God, Who we way to often take for granted.

Miracles are natural and happen everyday, just like the sun coming up at the beginning of the day and going down at the end of the day.  Miracles are expressions of God’s love for you and me.  Can you feel warm embrace and gentle presence?

When you stop and think about it, you are a miracle.  The person that you get caught up in judging is a miracle.  What people do to make a living is a miracle.  Prayer is a miracle that allows us to communicate with our Creator, Who shows love by allowing miracles to flow into and through our lives.

Take a moment before you move to the next thing and stop and think about some of the miracles that you have had happen in your life today.  Really think about them, pay attention to them and express gratitude for them.  If you do this right, it will help to tune you in, so that you can experience even more miracles and in even greater ways than you could dream or imagine.

Life is a miracle, so make sure that you live blessed!