Unexpected Gifts!

Some times a challenge comes your way that you are not expecting and with the challenge an opportunity to experince life in a new and better way.  The key is learning to accept the challenge as an opportunity and not a hinderance.  Most of us view challenges as hinderances, but if you look back on past challenges, you will notice that most all of them provided amazing opportunity for blessing, growth and meaningful purpose in life.  We are all going into, in the midst of or coming out of a challenge.  Determine where you are, face and deal with what you need to and get ready to go to the next amazing level!  Above all, make sure that you are living blessed!


To Know!

It has been some time since I have written on this blog.  Part of the reason has been busyness and another part has been too many things in my head.  I have recently just gotten back to the place of emptying myself, so that I might focus on what really matters and so I have been desiring more and more to come back and write.

I used to think I was writing for others, but realized that the real joy is when I write for the One Who created me.  Recently, I have spent a great deal of time studying love.  My goal is to get a better understanding, so that I can not just do it, but more importantly be it!  Our Creator is love and so it makes sense that this is our purpose – to be loved and to love.

Love is what gives meaning to this human experience that we like to call life.  There is not real and lasting happiness without meaning and there is no meaning without love.  When I love, I am living my meaning.  When I love, I am living at one with the Spirit and know that I am right where I belong, where I was created to be.

I have a choice – I can live my life for what everyone else thinks is best, trying my best to live up to their often unrealistic expectations or I can live a life of meaning by making a shift and living the essence of the One Who created me.

To really love is to get in touch with Divinity and this is where we tame the ego and find the strength to head into a life of purposeful meaning.  This is where we abandon the false self and begin our trip back to the destination of our origination by living with a new/old set of guidelines.

When I realize that I did not begin at birth and I will not end at death, then I can’t help but realize that the only thing that really matters is love.  If you want to know yourself, then look for God.  Every glimpse that you get of your Creator, will reveal a little bit more about who you are, where you come from and what is your purpose.

An important question to ask ourselves all throughout the day is this:  “Am I becoming more like the One Who created me?”  1 John 4:8 says that “He who does not love, does not know God, for God is love!”

We need to find our way back to love, for it is the place of our origination and the destination of our eternity.  The closer we get to this place of our original nature, the more we will experience peace as we live according to our purpose and discover the meaning of life, which provides us with real, lasting and meaningful happiness.

Until next time – love and live blessed!