Totally Weird!

Weird is a side-effect of awesome!

In life you have a choice, you can be a copy of someone else or you can be yourself.  If you make the choice to be yourself, then be the very best you that the world has ever seen.  Be happy with who you are, what you’ve got and where you are.  This does not mean that you kick back in the lazy boy with a “I’ve got it made” mindset.  It means that you take on life with the very best of yourself and enjoy, grow and learn from everything that life brings your way.

Part of being awesome is learning that you are special and there is an amazing purpose to your existence here on this earth.  When you get this and begin to live life with this truth in mind, you will be awesome at almost everything you do and people will think you are weird, but that is a good thing, because weird is a side-effect of awesome and when you are accused of weirdness, then you know you are there.

Enjoy being the awesome you that you were created to be, learn to appreciate the weirdness in yourself and others and always live blessed!