Good Company!

One of the greatest blessings of living in this human experience, is that we get to spend time in the company of our Creator.  How amazing is it that we can know and be known by our Creator?  Through relationship with Him, we get to participate in the divine.  When we learn to live in the joy and power of this relationship, then we watch as gray skies turn to blue and the mundane takes on new significance.

A big part of our lives is the monotonous routine of doing the same things over and over again, day after day.  And for many, this becomes life.  When we live in relationship with our Creator, even the routine takes on purpose and meaning, and provides fulfillment through enlightenment!

The best place to focus my mind and energy is in the Spirit, where I get to travel with my Creator as a constant companion and friend.  He shows me things that I would never see on my own.  He gives me understanding that I could never discover in my own power and strength.  He guides me to places of blessing and miracles.

You can live in the presence of your Creator and have His presence walk with you through the struggles and blessings of this life and even the most challenging of days will open up as opportunities for enlightenment and learning.  This is a great miracle and should never be taken for granted!  Enjoy the relationship, appreciate it’s power and live blessed!