A Wet Rag!

A Wet Rag???

I was sitting in my study this afternoon, when all of a sudden there was a knock at the door and a lady standing there wanting to know if I had a rag she could use?  I had to ask to be sure that I had heard her right.  She said she needed it to wipe out her chair.

When I went outside to take her the rag which I had run under the faucet, I discovered that she had come and hour and half early with a group of other folks to sit outside and wait for Grace Place to open.  They had brought folding chairs, but she did not have one, so she made herself at home and went out behind the building and found her one of her own.

At first, I thought what in the world is going on?  And then it hit me:  Grace Place really has become a place of grace!  A place where people want to come.  A place where people feel comfortable, safe and at home.  And this place and ministry are allowing us the amazing opportunity to share just how amazing God’s grace really is.  Makes me want to spin a rag around in the air and shout:  Go God!


One thought on “A Wet Rag!”

  1. Bet that was a fantastic morning just sitting around talking while waiting for Grace Place to open. Can’t find better fellowship then that. God bless Grace Place.

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