God Knows!

You think you are all alone.  You have come to believe that nobody knows what you are going through and even worse that nobody cares.  But the truth is:  Your Creator knows and cares!

He knows your feelings, because He is the One Who created you with the ability to feel.  He can see the anguish deep in your soul and He cares more than you can realize or understand.  Hurt and pain are often so devestating because they cause us to feel like we are all alone in this world.  It is very possible to be surronded by people and yet feel like we are all by ourselves.

Even though you may feel like it, you are never alone.  God sees, hears and cares for you.  He knows not only your pain, but what it is that has caused your pain.  God made you and He can see and feel things in you, that not even you can see or feel.   He loves you and has an amazing plan to use even the bad for your good, as you love and trust Him.

God knows and that makes all the difference!