Get This One Right!

Loving Jesus Makes Everything Better!

Real Christian service is not what we do for Jesus, it’s what we are to Jesus.  Being his disciple is based on our devotion to him, not our living lives distracted by the dictates, decisions and destruction of others.

It’s about seeing who Jesus is and realizing that He is more than enough.  When I really get this, then the opinion of others does not matter and will not influence me.  My only desire will be to live for and please my master.

It’s easy to say we believe!  But real belief causes our devotion to flow in one direction and one direction only and this is the direction of Jesus.  It must go through him and then be directed by him to wherever else it must go.

There is a very big difference between being devoted to Jesus and to the cause that his life started.  Jesus is our source and just as his first act of obedience was to the will of the Father and not the needs of men, so then must be our first act of obedience be to him, so that men might be truly saved.

It is not a good thing to be devoted only to the vast needs of humanity, because they are so great that we will quickly become worn out and useless.  The main drive of my life has to be my personal and passionate love for Jesus, the Savior of my soul.  This love allows me to serve humanity and be treated like dirt.  This love allows me to be a disciple even and especially when I don’t feel like it.  And this love allows me to experience more of Jesus, who gives me everything that I need to really live.

A devoted disciple has discovered that loving Jesus is the secret to really loving!  Get your love for Jesus right and all of the other love will fall into place!