Lighting Up The Darkness!


The Grace Place Campus has been buzzing since we have welcomed new church planters, students from Fuge, shoppers from the community and all kinds of angels that continue to bless us with donations.  As always, the excitement level is high with the staff, planters and volunteers all appreciating what God is doing, as we look forward to even greater things in the coming months.

It’s not hard to anticipate great things, when we realize and believe we serve a great God.  We are in the continuing process of letting the Lord get us organized and are looking forward great line up of activities and ministry opportunities that will take place on and off campus during the unfolding summer.

We are very excited about the ministries that God is allowing us to be a part of.  And we are looking forward to all the folks that are coming to partner with us by sharing their own unique and special ministry gifts.  In the days ahead, we are looking forward to some special concerts, guest preachers and a even surprise or two.

We have a great group of planters and volunteers.  We are very proud of all the hard work and ministry that is performed on a daily basis.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our team.  We believe they provide excellent and meaningful ministry and that this ministry is making a huge difference and impact on, in and through our community.

We also know that when you are serving a higher calling, that there are going to be difficulties.  We choose to see the difficulties as learning and growing opportunities.  The truth is:  We live in a dark and sinful world, but we have been called to bring the bright light of God’s love into this world and this we will continue to do with everything we’ve got!

Thank you for your prayers and for the ways that so many of you help the Grace Place light to shine a little brighter in the darkness.  I love and appreciate you.  People ask all the time:  How can I help?  Tell people about us!  Donate to us!  Join us!  Pray for us!  And above all – make sure you experience, share and grow in His grace!