Whatcha Gonna Do?

What’ cha Gonna Do Brother?

I want more!  It’s not more of the American Dream I want, I ‘ve had more than enough of that.  I want more of Jesus, more of God and more of the Spirit.  I want more of the supernatural, unexplainable, wonder-working power of my Creator.

I have discovered and I am discovering that real pleasure, happiness and fulfillment flow into and through this life and the next as we learn to surrender to God’s purposes.  And I think the trade we need to make, is a trade worth making.

Here’s a question to think about:  “Are you willing to let go of comfort and satisfaction, so that you can grab hold of risk and adventure?”  This is the trade we have to make, if we want to share in and experience the supernatural.  God’s desire is that we love Him so much that we will make the trade.  God wants us to love one another and others so much, that we will go to extremes to be there for one another.  This trade is the ultimate expression of love – His love for us and our love for Him.

There is a greater vision for each of us to live our lives for.  I can think of no greater vision than the vision of giving my life to the high and holy calling of God revealed in the pages of our Holy Bibles – to live my life, not for self, but for others!

This vision is about so much more than keeping a church alive, simply for the sake of existence.  This is about so much more than going through the motions of ministry, just so we can say we did.  We need to stop making excuses for ourselves and we need to stop providing excuses for others.

Who screwed this up anyway?  Most people will tell you:  “I love Jesus, but not the church.” or “I believe in God, but can’t stand religion.”  Church is not a building.  Church is people.  And if church is messed up, it is because we people have messed it up.  And we people need to get right with our Creator and figure this out!

A big part of our problem is that we use all of the wrong measurements.  We’ve allowed it to become about money, numbers, size or prestige.  Church is about people, hearts, spirits and souls.  May God help us figure this out and allow His Spirit to flow.

Another problem is we have a messed up view of God.  Most of us view God as a benevolent being who is there to bail us out when we can’t bail ourselves out.  Others view God as an egotistical judge, who is just waiting to slap us down for our weak disobedience.  God is the origination, creator and center of everything.  It does not really matter if you accept it or not.  Your acceptance or non-acceptance does not change the reality.  It may change your reality, but it does not change reality.

We need to fix our view of God.  This is not so easy, because the world is continually playing with the way we see and understand things.  To fix our view of God is a continual work in progress.  We can do this.  We need to do this.  So let me ask you a question:  Whatcha Gonna Do?


One thought on “Whatcha Gonna Do?”

  1. I think it’s obvious “what you are gonna do”,and I am trying to do the same.I slip everyday,but I say a prayer and get up dust myself off, shake the air out of my head,and press on…..”Not as good as I’m gonna get but better than I used to be”With each new day I find myself sharing God not Religion with everyone I can.Share Love, Kindness and sometimes just an ear opens the door to share Gods love.

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