Singing With The Radio!

Yesterday morning I got up and spent a little quiet time in fellowship with my Creator. After that I decided to head outside for a little exercise (walking and jogging with an emphasis on walking – life goes by too fast when I am jogging!)  I plugged in my earphones and hit shuffle and had a great 2.5 mile journey.

On my way back to the house M.C. Hammer came on with “You Can’t Touch This!”  As I walked in the house, my girls were having breakfast and I did my best Hammer Dance across the kitchen and began to sing:  You Can’t Touch This!”  It was fun, it felt good and they confirmed that they have one crazy white daddy!

Last night after Grace Place, I was heading home on my bike in the rain and I caught myself singing.  I realized that I had been singing all day long.  I had joined in with alomst every song that came on the radio and when there was no radio, I was singing whatever I had in my head and heart.  It hit me and I thought it was so cool – “I am actually singing with the radio again!”

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but sometimes we can allow life to become so stressful that it steals our song!  If you find yourself at that place, then just let me share a bit of encouragement – you do not have to live there forever.  Look to God, trust Him and He will lead you out of that place to a place where you can rediscover your song.

If you are not in that place and you are singing with the radio all the time, then take just a moment to be thankful!  Either way – remember that God is good and always has a plan – a plan to help you and me be our best for His glory as we learn to live in the freedom and power of His grace!