One thought on “Video Blog!”

  1. I did this for the first time. I went to the library with Austin walking the trail around the library when we came upon a young man walking aimlessly. I would have walked on by but Austin ran up to him and wouldn’t leave him alone. He gave the young guy five and we walked the circle. When we came back the young guy was sitting in the gazebo and Austin walked up to him so I approached and told him “People see people but children see heart”. His eyes welled up and he said people think hes scary but he’s really a good person. I asked if he knew Jesus and he said yes his mama made sure of that. He moved here to escape gangs and applied for jobs and was waiting to hear. I was excited I got to encourage that young man. I watch Beth Moore and the hairbrush to remind myself what God can do if I surrender to him. Thanks MJ for the example!

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