Thanks For The Memories Northwood!

Let’s Ride!

For the past 13 years I have had the privilege of living my life with a wonderful and special group of people.  The people of Northwood Baptist Church have been a great blessing to me and my family.  I was reading some cards and letters that I have received through the years and it has been really great to remember what an amazing journey God has allowed us to travel together.

There is only a small handful of the people left that we began the journey with 13 years ago.  Many have passed from this life into everlasting life and a handful have moved to different paths that God had marked out for them.  There are many that joined us at some point along the way and we are thankful for each and everyone.  I can honestly say that my life is better, fuller and stronger because of the people – each one of you!

God has now released us from Northwood and provided us with a calling to pursue the vision and passion that He has provided.  While a part of me is sad to be walking away from such a big part of our lives, another part of me is very excited about the possibilities of reaching out into the upstate with the powerful healing that can only come through the amazing grace of our loving Heavenly Father.

Some of us will continue to worship and grow together each week, some of us will continue to minister and serve together and some of us will run into each other at the Wal-Mart.  The beautiful thing to remember in all of this is:  All of us have the opportunity to listen for and yield to the voice of God.  I will tell you from personal experience, there is nothing like living at this place of yielding.  Yielding to His voice allows you to take steps that you could and would never take on your own.  Yielding to His voice allows you to step out of your comfort zone and into the miraculous.  Yielding to His voice is really the only way to live.

I want to say thank you!  Thank You God for relationship that makes everything possible.  Thank you Northwood for 13 years of amazing ministry – the Kingdom is sweeter and stronger because of our service together.  Thank you to my family for supporting me, even and especially when you often got the short end of the stick.  Thank you to my friends – past, present and future – I would not want to think of trying to do any of this without you.

Today we remember.  And before we lay our head on the pillow tonight – we look forward in faith, believing God for the miraculous and thankful that we get to be a part!  I love each of you and hold you in a special place.  Always remember and never forget – it’s all about G3!  (Giving God Glory!)


2 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memories Northwood!”

  1. Thanks Micheal Joe for All the time you have been there for me and my family!!!!We will keep you in our prayers. Thanks for serving Him with Me on the deacons and the time you gave. Your Brother in Chirst Roger

    1. Thank You Roger! We love you and Yvonne and I can’t help but smile every time I think about you two and you can probably guess why. Thanks for being a fellow servant and friend. Please continue to lift us up in prayer!

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