Why We’re Making The Leap!

There are times in life, when you just know that God is working.  It may not make any sense to anyone else, but you.  You just know in your heart of hearts that God is up to something in and through your life and you just don’t, you can’t miss it.

Why would you step out of the comfortable and sure and into the challenging and uncertain?  Why would you walk away from established and in place to just beginning and not promised?  Why take the risk?  Why step out on faith?  Why ask why?

Here are a few of our whys:

1.  We believe God has called, gifted, shaped, has been and is growing us to this place.

2.  We want to touch more people with God’s grace, mercy, love, forgiveness and restoration.

3.  It has become about so much more than what we as a Christian have allowed it to become.

4.  Our family has a strong desire and feels a calling to pursue and grow in a greater way the vision that God put in my heart and that church, family and friends helped to make a reality.

5.  We can’t continue to live in “what was”, knowing that God created us and others for what will be.

6.  God has taught us that while our purpose is unchanged, the goals He has for our life and ministry have grown.

7.  We want to win the hearts, minds and souls of the unchurched for God’s glory.

8.  We believe that God is calling us to do more than defend turf.  We believe He is calling us to invade enemy territory.

9.  To meet unmet needs in our community in the name of His Kingdom.

10.  To seize opportunities that God is providing for Spirit yielded, risk taking, grace living, spirit filled, Heaven empowered believers.