What’s Most Important?

What is the most important thing you can do with your day?

Spend some time with your Creator!  We need to worship our God and King by taking time to talk with him and listen to Him.  Everything about who we have been created to be flows from our being in a real and right relationship with God.  It is important to spend time with God, so that we might know and do His will.

We like to think that we will do His will naturally, but the truth that we often don’t want to accept is this:  It is not in our nature to do His will!  Our nature is to do our will and our will is very often, very different from His will.

Make sure to spend time with God everyday.  Make sure that the time you spend with Him is about Him and His glory.  He will take care of the rest by helping His will to become your will and it will be amazing how ordinary will become extraordinary!