Want Less Worry And More Peace?

Do Not Worry!

Worry is a lack of trust in the God who loves you with an unconditional and amazing love.  He has promised that as we love Him, He will work all things together for our good.  When we allow worry or fear to consume us, then we are making the choice to believe the false information brought about by the lies of the enemy.

When we allow ourselves to be consumed by worry and overtaken by fear, then we express that our real belief is that our problem is too big for God to take care of.   We would never say this out loud, but the actions and reactions of our lives and living say it for us again and again. Fear causes us to think that our sin is so great that even God can’t forgive us.

God does forgive and God has forgiven.  Lay your anxiety, sadness and fear aside.  Your life out of control will never get bigger than God’s power to bring order, direction and purpose to your life. Worry steals the gift of joy that God wants to fill your life with.  Peace flows into and through a Believer’s life as we trust God.

Can you trust Him?  Sure you can!  Will you trust Him?  It starts right now in this moment.  Shout it out loud:  “Jesus, I trust you will all of my heart, because part just want do!”  Nothing is impossible with God, Who has “better than good” plans for your life!

Stop listening to all of the negativity of the world.  Instead saturate your mind and soul with the Word of God and enjoy the freedom that He brings!  When you really believe and genuinely confess Who God is and what He is able to accomplish in your life, worry and fear will disappear.  Joy will begin to grow and you will start to be who you were created to be!


One thought on “Want Less Worry And More Peace?”

  1. Wow, what a day to post peace and worry. I had a test done and I was worried about the outcome. Test went well answers are beginning to be given to us and I was at total peace during the procedure. Thank you, Michael Joe for posting this blog yesterday when I needed to see it the most. I am glad that God gave these words.

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