Sometimes You Just Need To Sing!

Sing And Love It!

One of the big challenges of life is figuring out how to clean out your head and heart!  Our head gets filled with all kinds of stuff, some of it is good and some of it is bad!  Some of the stuff that comes thorough our head flows into our heart and it is not always good, uplifting and positive.  This stuff can do more harm than good, if left unattended.  This why we need to regularly step aside from the hustle and bustle of life and do a little cleaning in our head and heart!

What thoughts have you allowed to come into your head that rob God of glory, drain your of energy and push down others?  These thought have to be taken on and taken out, or they will send negativity and discouragement into your heart and then you are in serous trouble.  It’s easier to deal with and get rid of a head problem, than a heart problem.  Take the negative of the world out of your head and replace it with the positive of the Spirit!

If it happens that your heart has become polluted by this junk of the world, then you will need to spend some time with the Master.  Only your Creator can help you remove the stuff that does not belong in your heart.  Identify what the areas of challenge are and start to find Scripture that speaks to those areas.  Claim the promises of God’s Word and use this new power to chase away the stuff that does not belong.

Now, with a right heart and ready mind – sing for God’s Glory:

See and seize the opportunity God has given you!  Your life is filled with missed opportunities, don’t focus on what you have missed, look for and focus on what is in front of you.  You have a opportnity that is waiting to be taken for a ride!

Inspect your life, find what God has given you and how you can best use it for His glory and man’s blessing!  You have been gifted with all kinds of talents and abilities.  All of these can be used to make life better for others, while gaining glory for God!

Never stop expecting, appreciating and utilizing God’s blessing!  God created you and He created you for blessing.  God’s goal is that His blessing will flow into and through your life, when this happens He gets glory!  Look for, be thankful and use what God has given you to share His greatness!

Guard the glory!  The glory of God is exactly what the Devil wants to stop, so you know this will be the place of battle.  God has given you all that you need and what God has given you is just the right size, so wear it well and you will be glad you did!