Divine Discipline!

Help All Around You!

Would you like to do something that could have big results in your life, but only take a little effort on your part?  If you would be willing to take 10-15 minutes at least once a week and discipline yourself to participate in doing what I am talking about, then you could gain insight into many different areas of your life and start making progress at becoming better and stronger for God and His glory.

At least one morning a week, I schedule an appointment with around five to seven other people, who I have invited into my life to help me to be a better husband, father, friend, pastor/preacher, minister and person!  These people I meet with are located all around the globe and most are very busy with their own agendas and responsibilities, but we all still find and make the time to help make one another better, sharper and more effective!

The really funny thing is that I have never even met some of these people, but I know them and they know of me.  The discipline that we practice that helps to make our lives better, is the discipline of reading each other’s blog!  Think about it!  From the comfort of your home, while lounging in pajamas and sipping a warm cup of joe, you can get insight, wisdom and challenge just from taking a few moments to read what our Creator is doing and saying in and through others!

The really cool thing is how you can find just the right people to speak into the areas of your life that need it the most!  Right now I have mentors who challenge my leadership, help me to work on my physical and mental health, grow and deepen my spiritual life, encourage me to be a more devoted and loving husband and father, and keep me thinking about ministry and what I was created for!

It does not cost a lot of money and it does not have to take a lot of time.  Just the discipline of setting up a consistent appointment and taking the time to read, digest and put into practice whatever it is that you discover through the blogs of others that will make you better, stronger and more effective!  Go ahead and give this discipline a try – you will be glad you did!