Worship Music!

Do You Worship The Music Or Our God?

Shannon O’Dell, Pastor at Brand New Church in Arkansas posted the following comment on his Facebook page – “Do I love worship music?  Or do I love worshiping God with worship music?” and it really got me to thinking.  I hope it will get you to thinking also!

I hear people all of the time talking about I love the old hymns, or I love contemporary, or I love whatever, but the real issue is not what you love, but what you worship.  The sad reality in our churches today is that most people love a style of music more than they love God!  When we worship a style music, we are tempted to miss the opportunity to worship God with music whatever the style may happen to be.

I personally don’t think God is seated on the throne saying:  “I just love a strong pipe organ!”, “I love a roll on the drums!” or “I love a good rip on a Fender!”  I do think  God is seated on the throne saying “I really do love it when they worship me with all of their heart!”

If we are honest, we have all missed opportunity to really express our love to and for God through worship, because we were caught up in our own selfish preferences about the style or sound of the music.  Think about it, ask yourself the question and let God help you to get it right for His glory!

Do you love a certain style of music more than you love worshipping God, because if you do, then it’s an idol in your life and God can’t stand idols!

Let’s get honest, so that when we join together for worship at our churches, music does not become a stumbling block, but a stepping stone to Giving God Glory!