Judge & Jury!

I love to watch Judge Judy!  I like the fact that she is a “tell it like it is” kinda judge.  She does not really seem to care if you like her or not.  She has a job to judge the case in front of her and that is what she does and if you don’t like it – “TOUGH!”

As a pastor, I love people and I really try to be gentle with them, but every now and then, the gloves need to come off and the cold, hard truth needs to be laid out.  There are some things that we just can’t sugar coat.  Eternity and where people are going to spend it, is one of those things that we can’t afford to sugar coat!

I have been troubled in my spirit all weekend and even more so as I entered into this new week.  There is a beautiful promise in Romans 8:1 – It says:  “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit!”

We like the “no condemnation” part, but fail to realize that the “no condemnation” part is only true for those that are “in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit!”

I want to make this perfectly clear!  You are going to face condemnation and you deserve to face condemnation – apart from Jesus.  Saying you love Jesus is not enough.  Saying you have accepted Jesus is not enough!  Going to church and playing the game of make-believe is not enough!

If you are really “in” Jesus, then you have died to the flesh and come alive to the Spirit.  This does not mean that your flesh is dead, but it does mean that you have the power to be victorious over your flesh.  If you are really in Jesus, then you have the ability to say no to the desires of the flesh and yes to the leading of the Spirit.  If you are really in Jesus, you have not only the ability, but also the desire.  It may be a battle at times, but the winner – flesh or spirit reveals where you are really living and who you are really living for.

As a pastor, I see so many people gambling their eternities for a few moments of earthly gratification and we need to realize that in the grand scheme of eternity – our life here on this earth is only a few moments!  God loves us and He has an amazing plan for our lives, but we rob ourselves of His plan when we yield to the flesh instead of the Spirit.

“NO CONDEMNATION” is for those that are in Jesus.  Saying you are in Jesus does not make you in Jesus!  If you are really in, then you will not walk after the flesh, but after the Spirit!  Actions and reactions tell the truth!

I want to challenge you today!  Get honest with God, yourself and others.  If you are really in Jesus, then die to the flesh and come alive to the Spirit – One day when you stand before the only JUDGE that really matters – You will be glad you did!