A Change Of Heart!

It is absolutely amazing to me that God the Creator and Sustainer of life would want to have a personal relationship with me!  I know He created me and I know He loves me, but it is still crazy to me that He would want a relationship with me, because I know me and I don’t even want to have a relationship with myself sometimes!

I know me!  I know that my selfish ambition and spiritual apathy sometimes get in the way of the relationship and steal my passion for Him!  I know that I am a sinner, who misses the mark.  I know I do things I shouldn’t do and I fail to do things that I should do!  I know me and I know that I am not worthy of being loved the way God loves me, but I also know God and I know that He loves me regardless!

I know God and I know that He initiates a change of heart in me that drives me to desire for a closer relationship with Him.  He points out the ways in me that get in the way of our relationship and His Holy Spirit convicts me of sin, not so that I will feel guilty, but so that I can get free!

A Change Of Heart Will Do You Good!

When I confess my sin and seek restoration, God is always right there ready and waiting!  He always shows me the way to a better place of relationship with Him.  God often takes the initiative to set our relationship right by giving us a change of heart!  How amazing is that?

No matter how many times we wander away, God is always right here waiting to take us back and restore us into a right relationship with Him!  Simply amazing!  Don’t take it for granted and don’t put it off.  Embrace your change of heart and make your way back to Him – you will be glad you did!