Your Desire Versus God’s Will!

Fight The Good Fight!

There is a battle that you find yourself engaged in on an almost daily basis!  It is a battle that takes place many times without your even realizing it is happening.  It is a battle between your desire and God’s will.

We know what we want or at least we think we know what we want.  What we seem to do so much of the time, is take what we want and call it’s God’s will.  We convince ourselves that just by saying it’s God’s will, it in some way magically becomes God’s will.

If our just saying it does not work, then we play the justification game.  If I can just justify it in my mind, then I can call it God’s will.  I have found that I can justify just about anything, if I think about it long enough!

The sad truth that we miss out on is this:  If we replace God’s will with our desire, we may get what we want or what we think is best in the short-term, but we really rob ourselves of what is best!

We jump into relationships and call it God’s will, only to later realize this is not really what we wanted.  We get caught up in activity that we enjoy for the moment, which we eventually get bored with, only later to realize we missed what was really important!

It happens all the time and it is costing us more than we could ever imagine.  I love God and because I love God I love you.  I want all of us to experience the success, fulfillment and blessing that flows out of living in a real and right relationship with God.

If you can live with calling it God’s Will and it not really being His will, then just keep playing the game and going through the motions.  If you want to live the amazing life that God has for you, then get honest with God, yourself and others.

Admit that you’ve been playing a game and are still tempted to play that game almost every day of your life.

Belive that God has something better and decide to not become satisfied with the satisfaction that comes from the justification of your limited mind.

Commit to saying no to self, so that you can say yes to God, knowing that what He has is so much better than anything else!

“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”  Galatians 5:16