Learn To Do!

Life Is What We Make It!

“Four things a man must learn to do If he would make his life more true:  To think without confusion clearly, To love his fellow-man sincerely, To act from honest motives purely, To trust in God and Heaven securely.”  -Reverend Henery Van Dyke

Think Clearly!  This is easier said than done, but it is still very much worth the effort.  We need to see and understand things as they really are.  Too many people are living life either in a dream or a nightmare.  Some live in a dream, never ever taking the time to see things as they really are and others are living in a nightmare, always seeing things worse than they are!  We need to learn to live in reality and deal with whatever we have in front of us.  If God has allowed it to be there, then He has provided what we need to deal with and learn from it!

Love In Your Heart!  The sad reality of the world we live in today, is that for most people, love is just a word that we casually fling around to try and move people in our direction.  For love to be real, it must be from the heart, something that we feel deep inside of ourselves that is not controlled by what someone does or doesn’t do.  Real love is looking for nothing in return!

Be Honest!  I think one of the reasons that this is so hard now a days, is because most of us are not even honest with ourselves.  We don’t know the truth because we can’t or don’t want to handle the truth.  When you know the truth, it will set you free and freedom is a very special place to live!

Trust In God!  I would not even want to imagine trying to do life without faith!  Faith allows me to trust and trust opens all kinds of door for me to grow, become and fulfill my created calling.  My trust is not just in anything or anybody, but in God – my Creator and Sustainer!  My trust in Him is rewarded with direction, purpose and fulfillment.

If we will learn to do these four things, they will make a difference in our lives and our living will have an impact on the lives of those around us!  G3!