I Believe It!

Can't Wait To Embrace My Savior!

This morning I spent a little time reading through the passages of Scripture that talk about Heaven and was convicted for not living with a greater excitement for what God has in store for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

As a pastor, my heart is very heavy, because I must admit that most of the people who make up the church now a days, just don’t seem to get it!  I have been reading and teaching God’s Word for a long time and it is more exciting and real to me now, than at any other time in my life.

I believe that there is a better life in eternal life and the reason that I work so hard today is in the hopes that I might do something that would help at least one more to experience the new Heaven and new earth!

I love the men, women, boys and girls that God allows me to Pastor.  I really do believe what He leads me to preach and teach to them.  If you are a part of a congregation called Northwood, please stop getting so distracted by this life that you risk missing out on God’s gift of everlasting life!  It’s not what you say that matters near as much as what you do!

I want to challenge you to read Revelation 21 and ask God to prepare your heart and life to hear from Him in a fresh new way this coming Easter Sunday.  Prepare now to start living a different and better life for His glory!  I love you, am praying for you and longing for us together to G3!