Five To Think About!


FIve To Think About!

The world has changed and is changing!  This is really nothing new, the world has always been in a constant state of change.  The problem now a days, it that most of us don’t want to acknowledge the change.  We live with an “if we ignore it – it might go away” attitude!


This attitude does not help, it actually makes things worse!  Our unwillingness to face and deal with reality has caused a massive pile up of unresolved issues and challenges that have grown into a monumental mountain of depression and frustration.

I know that life is hard – Life is hard for almost all of us!  I know that life is not fair – life is unfair for almost all of us!  I know that you have more on you than you think you can deal with, but I am here to remind you that God is bigger than anything you are facing and God has a plan to use the change for our blessing and growth as we love and trust Him.

Life is changing and this is not a bad thing!  This is actually a good thing, because as life changes, it offers us an opportunity for things to get better!  Below is a reminder list of things to think about and remind yourself of as you seek to get your life headed in the right direction by embracing change, rather than fighting against it!

1.)  There is a God and you are not Him!

2.)  God has a plan and it’s the best!

3.)  You cannot follow two plans at once – you’ve got to make a choice – His plan or your plan?

4.)  Thinking about it is only the beginning!

5.)  Thinking must be followed by action if you want results!