Two Qualities Of A Good Friend!

A good friend is trustworthy and comfortable!

A good friend is a friend that you can and do trust with anything and everything. You do not have to and you do not want to hide anything! You are willing to share it all and the sharing goes both ways!

A good friend is a friend who you are comfortable around and who is comfortable around you! It does not matter how you look, smell or sound. Mistakes are made and forgiven and life goes on regardless!

You may not realize it, but you have a good friend! Don’t take your good friend for granted. Appreciate your good friend by being a good friend back!


2 thoughts on “Two Qualities Of A Good Friend!”

  1. So enjoying my friendship with God.. He knows all and I tell him all.. He knows all so why try to hide… I am blessed with friends but only have very few good friends! Unfortunately I have been hurt by people, so I am guarded.. I am very comfortable with my good friends.. My husband is my best friend and always will be… You can’t have enough friends my grandmother used to say. I do know now, that God will provide you with all you need and the people who need me!!!! G3

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