Loving God And Loving People!

I am a minister because this is what God has called and gifted me to do with my life! I am a minister because I love God and want in some way to try and express love back to Him through the service of my life lived for Him and His Kingdom! I am a minister because I love people and really do care about their living the incredible and amazing life that God has for them!

There are days that being a minister gets to be more than I can handle, but I get up the next day and can think of nothing else that I can do with my life that would satisfy or fulfill me. God calling me to serve as His minister is not optional for me! Even though there are brief moments where I might think about hanging up the ministerial robes, it is nothing more than a thought of the flesh passing through my life to try and cause me to miss out on the great blessing of a God. Remember: Some of God’s greatest blessing flows through challenge!

Loving God and loving people present me with plenty of challenges as I live my life in this world, but with every challenge comes a greater opportunity to be used by God for His glory and man’s blessing. You love God and you love people – how does God want to use this in your life to help you accomplish glory for Him and blessing for others? Think about it – you’ll be glad you did!