What Do You Need To Do?

So What?

There are some things that I love to do and there are some things that I hate to do and there are some things that fall some where in between!  The things that I love to do are never a problem.  I get up, jump in and get it accomplished.  The things that I don’t like to do are some times a problem, but most of the time are not, because I just suck it up and get it done, because I know it has to be done.  The real challenge for me or those things that fall in between!

I don’t love it and I don’t hate it, I am just indifferent!  Indifference is a killer!  If I love something, then there is great potential for growth and a future.  If I hate something, then at least I know where I need to go to make progress.  But when I am indifferent, I just tend to sit there with no motion forward or backward and this is very dangerous.

The truth for many of us is that we have grown indifferent toward a lot of things and the result is that there is much in our lives that needs to be accomplished, but it can’t and it won’t because of our indifference.

Take a little time today to think about what or who you are indifferent about and then decide to do something about it – you will be glad you did!


One thought on “What Do You Need To Do?”

  1. What timing! There are a few things I am indifferent about, my career and job are number one. I don’t like what I am doing and can’t figure out what I want to do. It seems like a silly thing since I have a Job and 14 million people don’t, but it is what I feel indifferent about

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