Too Busy???

Do You Have The Time?

Busy, Busy, Busy! That is the way that most of us live our lives.  We are almost always in motion either “going to” or “coming from!”  To really get the most out of life, we must take some time to step out of the hurried activity and get to know what really matters.  What really matters is a WHO!

Psalms 46:10 says”  “Be still (cease striving) and know that I am God…”  Eight little words packed with a powerful message!

BE STILL! Slow down and come to a complete stop!  Don’t move a muscle!  We need to learn to still our physical bodies, our minds and our spirits, so that we can see, hear and experience God.  God is everywhere!  God is all around us!  The reason that we miss Him is not because He is not here, but because in our busyness, we fail to see, hear and experience Him.  God tells us to cease our striving and in the still and quiet of a moment we can know and experience Him!

Know That I Am God! It is very possible in all of our busy activity to some how, without even realizing it, convince ourselves that we are God.  We know that we are not, but often times, we live our lives as if we think that we are.  What is really going to happen in this world if you take ten minutes out of your day to say no to everything else and yes to the Master?  Do you really think that this world will come screeching to a halt without your activity in it for ten minutes?

Step Out And Away! If you want to know God – really know Him, then you must step out of the busyness and away from the distractions!  Make sure that you take some time today to get out of the fray and into His presence!  You will be glad that you did!


One thought on “Too Busy???”

  1. We at the least can give God 10 minutes of our time. I have a good problem in that my 10 minutes turns into 20 minutes. God is never to busy for us. He’s always there and waiting to listen and talk to us. Be still and listen, it will surprise you what God has to say. You’ll get the blessing and he gets the GLORY

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