Let The Walls Come Down!

Tear Down That Wall!

We are great at building walls around our lives. We build the walls for our protection, so that we won’t get hurt or taken advantage of.  But there is a problem with the walls that we build, they not only protect us from influences outside, they also keep us from influences outside that can bless and benefit us!  God has great and amazing things in store for each one of us, but we have to grow to a place of trust!

My Small Group! I was talking to one of my small group members today and she expressed how everyone in our group had been through the fire and could not help but to be real, because there was really nothing worth hiding, left to hide!  Because of this “REAL REALITY!” we are able to really be there for each other.

Be Careful! If you wall others out – you will wall yourself in!  Open up your life and allow others to come and go.  God will protect you, if you will let Him and He will also bless you with some amazing relationships that make life better!

Healing! God does not promise that you will never get hurt, but He does promise that He will heal your hurt and it is through His healing of our hurts that we grow, become stronger and are able to have an influence on and make a difference in this life.

Faith Defeats Fear! Walls that are built out of fear can only be torn down out of faith!  If you want to grow and get the most out of life, then you must be willing to trust.  Start by trusting God – He loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Continue by trusting others that He has placed around you.  Some will be a great blessing and some will be a great blunder, but you will learn and grow every step of the way!

Tear It Up! Let’s get busy tearing down the walls, so that we can enjoy this great life that God has given us!  Go ahead and take a whack at the wall – you’ll be glad you did!