You Have A Very Real Enemy!

We Have A Very Real Enemy! If you are trying to live for God, then mark this down – you have a very real enemy and his name is Satan.  He wants to mess things up!  He tried to mess things up in Heaven when He was there, but God and His Angels put a stop to that!  He tried to mess with Jesus during His three plus years here on this earth, but Jesus was stronger and more determined!  He tries to mess with us and many times we give in, but we don’t have to!

You’ve Got The Joy! The devil wants to steal your joy, but He can’t have it unless you decide to give it to Him!  We need to understand something about our enemy.  He is not out to render us inoperable.  His goal is to render us ineffective.  If he can render us ineffective, then we will take ourselves out!

Getting Ready For The New Year! As we move out of 2009 and into 2010, lets all make the effort to realize that we have a very real enemy and it is not each other!  Let’s learn about what God has given us that the devil can’t take away, unless we let him.  Let’s grow so that we can be all that God created us to be and claim our place as “more than conquerors!”

Join Me! Join me everyday this week here on this blog as we seek to learn, grow and experience the victory that God has for us!  Until tomorrow – Keep your joy!  God gave it to you and the devil can never deserve it!  Remember:  We are in this thing called life together!


One thought on “You Have A Very Real Enemy!”

  1. Thank you, MJ, for the reminder. I have heard you say this before but today it opened up a new light for me. “Don’t let the devil steal your Joy”. I’m going to remember this every day. I’m usually always a happy person but you know how the devil can sneak in. I’m so thankful that you are a part of my life!!

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