Under Attack!

From All Directions! The devil attacks in a lot of different ways.  Some of his attacks or obvious and some or sneaky.  All of his attacks are real and they have the ability to really mess us up!  This is why it is very important to remind ourselves that through our relationship with Jesus we have supernatural power to overcome and defeat the attacks of the enemy.

You’ve Got The Power! Satan only has the power that we give him.  You need to know that as a child of God, the only power that Satan has over you is the power that you allow him to have.  You’ve got joy and he can’t steal it, unless you allow him to steal it!  The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is my strength!  If we will keep our eyes on our Savior Jesus and off of the situations and circumstances of life, then the devil cannot even get his hands on our joy.  It’s your choice, you get to decided!

Power In The Blood! You’ve got the power and the devil can’t beat it!  Revelation 12:11 says “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb!”  Your power is not you!  Your power is your Savior Jesus Christ.  If you are saved and in a relationship with Jesus, then live in the power of that relationship!

Use It! You’ve got to use what God gave you!  God gave you His one and only Son, don’t waste such a precious gift.  Accept Him and all of the difference that He can and will make in your life.  Don’t just say you have a relationship, live it out loud by developing and growing a testimony that honors God and the relationship that you have with Him.  Really look forward to Heaven!  Jesus went to prepare a place for us and it is so much better and more amazing than anything that we could dream or imagine.  If we really look forward to Heaven, then we will live for Heaven while we are here on this earth!

Remember: The worst in this life cannot even come close to comparing to what is to come in our everlasting life!