Do Something Nice!

MJ Sharing The Grinch With Some Of The Northwood Kids!

Today would be a great day to do something nice for someone!  Take a few moments to think about what you could do to be a blessing to someone today.  Maybe you could write a note, buy someone lunch, fix someone a cup of coffee or offer to help someone in need.  It does not matter what you do or who you do it to.  Just take the time to do it today!

Stop right now and think about something that you can do and then go and look for someone to do it to before this day is over!  Why are you still reading – you’ve got work to do!  Go!

2 thoughts on “Do Something Nice!”

  1. Giving to others seems to me to go hand in hand with having Joy in your life. The Great message on Sunday caused me to reflect on those people, that I have known, who always seemed joyful. One thing they all had in common was they never seemed to take for themselves but always gave to others. Probably the most joyful person I remember was my High School PE teacher. Korean war vet who was wounded in the stomach. He was always joyful had that joyful tone to his big booming voice. He was always giving to us kids even today when I see him He asks me if he can do anything for me. I am going to try to better follow his example.

  2. I’m thinking, I’m thinking…………………does it count if it is your husband? I do something nice for him everyday.

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