Hope & Grace!

Hope & Grace!

 I am the proud parent of two amazing little girls!  Gracie is eight and Hope is four.  They teach me something new every day!  They love me with an unconditional love – just because I am their Daddy.  They love to wrestle.  They love movies.  They love video games.  And they love Chick-fil-a!  They would eat Chick-fil-a for every meal – every day.  I used to think that they liked Chick-fil-a because of the playground, but that’s not it.  They like Chick-fil-a because of the chicken!  Every time they get nuggets with Polynesian sauce – it is all good – every single time!  They know what they like and they trust what they like and it fulfills and fills them!

This is what God and His Word does for me!  When I was younger, I had a youth leader who taught me how to go to the Word and hear from God.  When I learned how to open up the Word and hear from God, my relationship with God went to a whole new level.  Now I go there every day, because I know what to expect and I know that it is going to be good – really good!  I have been going back to God and His Word every since before I became a teenager and I have never walked away dissatisfied!

Go enjoy a Chick-fil-a today and also take some time to meet God in His Word!  You won’t be dissatisfied!

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  1. Not so little any more Sweetie!!
    Am concerned about your head aches. What does the Doc say?

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