I am a little late writing today, because I have had a killer headache!  I am now going through what I call the after-effects!  Your head does not hurt, but it does not feel normal either!  I know – some of you are thinking:  “Does your head ever feel normal?”  And believe it or not, yes I do have my moments – where even I feel normal!  Even though I am walking through the “after-effects”, I did not want to let the day pass without sharing a few words and thoughts.

First, I want to thank all of you that read, leave comments and send messages!  It is great to know that there are people out there that I can encourage and I want you to know what a blessing it is for me to be able to be an encouragement to others!  This motivates me to take the time to come to this page and write!

Second I want to share a few thoughts on the message that I am going to share at the Northwood Campus tonight!  We are currently walking through 1st Samuel and are in the last part of the second chapter!  Eli has grown old and in many ways ineffective as the Spiritual leader of God’s people!  And everyone has more than their fair share of problems!

Do you ever have problems?  I mean really serious, “don’t know what I am going to do next” problems?  As we get older – life should teach and equip us to have less problems, but it would seem to me that the problems often get bigger and harder to handle.  If we are honest with ourselves and those around us, we would have to admit that we have problems.  Pretending that they don’t exist, does not make them go away, it actually tends to make them bigger!  The time to face our problems is now!

As the Spirit of God moves in our lives, we need to make sure that we are learning to listen and follow what it is that we are hearing from Him.  It is God’s desire for each one of us to grow.  And as we grow, God is always faithful to bless our growth!

Here are three quick suggestions for getting into the growth that God has for you:

1.) Stop denying God and His presence in your life!  God is real and God is relevant.  He is all around you and pretending that He does not exists of that He does not matter, does not take away from the powerful truth that God is real, powerful and involved in your life regardless of what you feel, think or want!

2.) Yield to God and be amazed at the growth and blessing that you will experience and share!  When you and I get out of God’s way – He will come through in amazing ways to use us, grow us, bless us and allow us to be a blessing to others!

3.) Make the choice and make it now!  We all have a choice to make!  You will follow God and His plans or you will try and make something happen yourself!  Get in God’s way and we will mess it up every time.  Get out of God’s way and He will do in, to and through us what only He can do!

Don’t be a headache and don’t give yourself a headache by fighting against God and His amazing plan for your life!

2 thoughts on “Headaches!”

  1. MJ, I know that I have problems but I also God is always there to help me and carry me through. He does this every day of my life. What do people do without him? I can’t imagine not having God in my life. I read an article this morning entitled “The Secret”. Someone ask a person why they were always so happy. They shared with them the “secret of God” in their lives and what he does for them everyday and they told the person that now they have to share “The Secret”. The article went more into detail that I can’t recall but it was good. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

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