Repentance Equals Change!

The message of Jesus was very simple:  REPENT!  To repent means to change – we cannot stay the same!  Jesus was not telling us to change for change sake.  Jesus challenges us to change because He knows things and can see things that you and I cannot!  Jesus knows that our lives can and should be better.  Jesus knows the great things that God has in store for those that love Him.  Jesus knows the change that you need to make and the great difference the change will make in your life!

Change is a good thing, especially when it is the right change!  We are resistant to change because we tend to think in a negative way about change.  Not all change is negative.  And a lot of the change that we look at as negative is not really negative – it’s just hard!  Just because it is hard does not make it a bad thing, especially if it is going to lead to good things!  The key is to make sure that we are not changing just for change sake!

Everyone of us have some changes that need to be made in our lives.  You know what I am talking about – you have been thinking about and fighting against some changes that you have been needing to make for a while now.  Take a few moment right now to stop and pray.  Just talk to God and ask Him to reveal to you the areas of your life that need to be worked on and worked out!  Now take just a little more time to do what needs to be done!  See – that was not so bad after all – was it?