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Fired Up Friday!

Together Is Better!

Together Is Better!

Friday tends to be one of those days when we are tempted to make it all about us.  We have been busy all week long – giving ourselves to someone or something else and it would appear that now it is almost time to make it about ourselves.  Before we make the leap, I want to share some thoughts that the Holy Spirit has been laying on my heart.  And let me be the first to say:  “I’ve got some work to do!”

Jesus said:  “If any man would come after (follow) me, then he must deny (surrender) himself, take up his cross (sacrifice) and follow me!”  This is what it means to be a Christian!  Being a Christian is about so much more than getting out of Hell and into Heaven!  It is so much more than going to church and going through the motions.  Being a Christian is about living in a relationship of following, surrender and sacrifice!

I often hear “church attenders” make so many excuses about what they can and can’t do, about what they are and are not going to do.  And what it really boils down to, is this one question:  Are you going to be a Christian or not?  If you are going to be a Christian, then you are going to follow Jesus because you have a “want to” to follow Jesus.  If you are going to be a Christian, then you will surrender your will to His will, because you truly believe that His will is better!  If you are going to be a Christian, then you will sacrifice everyday, multiple times throughout the day, because you know and appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus made for you!

Let’s stop making excuses!  Let’s start making a difference!  Let’s really be what we say we are!  I am a Christian!  I choose to follow Christ!  I am excited about surrendering my will to His will!  I count it all joy to be able to sacrifice for His glory and other’s blessing!  I am following Jesus and I know that I am on a journey of “right direction!”  Let’s do it together!  The journey is so much more enjoyable when we do it together and I do it better when I have someone that I can help and someone that will help me back!  I just can’t wait to see where God is going to take us together!



The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!  We mess faith up when we put it in a person or thing that it was never intended to be placed in.  Faith was created by God and for God!  We need to put our faith in God, His power and His will!  I believe in people and I, often times believe in them so much, that I put my faith in them – the problem is this:  When I put my faith in people, I take away from my faith in God!  I need to keep my faith, all of it – in God!  Every time that I put my faith in people, I am let down and disappointed.  I am expecting way to much!

We need to love people, walk with people and grow in life together with people, but we need to keep our Faith in God and His will for our lives!  People will let you down, not because they mean to, just simply because they are people.  God will never let you down, and He will always be available to pick you up, if you will just have faith in Him!  Trust God and He will provide the faith that you need to keep trusting Him every moment of every day!

Greater Than You Can Imagine!

God wants to do greater things in and through our lives!  He wants to do greater things than we could dream or imagine!  For God to do His stuff to and through us, we must SURRENDER!  When we surrender – He moves us out of our limited power and vision and into the SUPERNATURAL!  Only when we give God complete and total control, can He move us from good to great!

I am not and cannot be satisfied with the status quo!  I have no choice, but to go against the flow of self satisfaction and mediocrity!  God wants to do amazing things in and through me and God wants to do amazing things in and through you also!  There will be moments of doubt, but that is when our faith kicks in and we trust God to give us the strength to take on our uncertainties!  God is calling you to something that is much bigger than yourself.  Nothing is impossible with God!  Trust Him and let Him grow your FAITH!