Surronded By Craziness!

We are surrounded by craziness! Look to your right, left, behind or in front and what do you see? Crazy, right? This is not really anything new, because we have always been surrounded by crazy, it’s just that now a days, this is a different kind of crazy and everyone has a totally different opinion about what their crazy looks like.

It is very easy to get caught up in the drama of the world and forget what is really important. What really matters is not all the crazy, but that even in the midst of craziness, chaos and confusion, there is still a God and God is in control. I actually sometimes think God allows the crazy confusion of chaos to help us see the sane, stable, intentional, purpose and plan of the ONE who brought us to the dance…

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

No matter how crazy this world gets, I can always retreat into the peace of God, which is always there waiting on me to come to my good senses. In this place of peace, I realize and am reminded that I am a spiritual being getting to have a human experience and this human experience, while often challenged is still a very amazing and wonderful gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

In this place of peace, I am reminded who I am and whose I am. This is the game changer, because as soon as this truth comes into my heart and mind, I am free to be me in all of my weird uniqueness and all for God’s glory. It does not matter what the world says, I am loved and I am love and love chases away fear, so I do not have anything to be afraid of, worried about or concerned for.

Every need or lack I could ever experience has already been provided for. Every challenge of conflict I will ever face has already been overcome. God is love and so I have everything I could ever need and then some. Regardless of the circumstances, miracles are not just a possibility, but alaways a reality for the child of God who believes and I choose to believe and live in the power of the miraculous, even in the midst of craziness…